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How to get started with OBEDIA

OBEDIA is a subscription-based service. Each month you are subscribed affords you 30 minutes of one-on-one training and tech support. 
Please see the following instructions on how to setup your user account and purchase your subscription. 
Logging in to our new support portal
To get started opening your first OBEDIA support ticket, first login here:
If you've not already created your account, please click on "Sign Up", and follow instructions provided.
Purchasing  your OBEDIA Subscription
Once you've signed up and logged in, if you have not purchased your subscription to OBEDIA, you can do so by clicking here:
You can choose your subscription term and purchase it here.

Our subscriptions are managed and securely processed via Chargedesk. You'll be prompted to create a user account there, which you'll be able to use to manage your subscription.

Please note that all subscriptions are recurring until changed or canceled by you. We will send you an email to remind you  that your subscription is going to reactivate.

An email will be sent to you confirming your subscription purchase. You can always manage your subscription via our online portal, found here.

Opening Your Support Ticket 

A support ticket is required to begin working with OBEDIA.
You may open your support ticket by logging in here:
Once you've done that, you can click on "New Support Ticket":
Then, you can enter your information for your support request into the resulting form:
After that is done, you'll receive an email which will outline how to book your training slot, which you can do here:
You'll be able to click on a day, and then a time, for which you wish to start your training.
After your session is booked, we will call you at the requested meeting time.
If you have any questions or difficulties, please Click Here to contact us.

Subscriber Login

Username: (email address you registered with)