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 Getting Started is a Simple Process

  1. Create and Activate Your Account
    • Click Sign Up
    • Activate with Email Validation
    • This Creates your Client Control Panel
  2. Select and Purchase Your Session Method
    • Minute Bundle or Subscription
    • In your Client Control Panel or over the phone with an OBEDIA representative
  3. Contact OBEDIA via Phone or Email to Schedule Your Session

Session Plan Details

  •  Subscription
    • You get all your minutes at the start of your plan
      • 3 Months – 60 Minutes
      • 6 months – 120 Minutes
      • 1 Year – 240 Minutes
    • You can purchase additional minutes at a rate $0.99 per minute as long as you have an active subscription
    • Unused minutes expire unless subscription is renewed
    • Automatically renews until canceled
      • You will be notified by email a week before plan ends
    • You can upgrade or cancel your plan at anytime in your Control Panel
    • Unused or canceled Minutes are not refundable
    • Exclusive content can be found by choosing  the Members section in the Navigation bar
      • You must be logged in
  • Pay as You Go
    • Purchased minutes expire after a year
  • Average Sessions Time is 15 minutes
    • You may use as much time as you have in your account

Client Control Panel

  • Sign in to Access
  • Your ID is the email you registered with
  • Purchase and Activate Minutes
  • Renew, Upgrade or Cancel Your Subscription
  • Review Your Sessions
  • Manage Your profile
    • Contact Info
    • Gear Profile
    • Monitor Minute Balance
  • Home Studio one

Subscriber Login

Username: (email address you registered with)