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How to get started with OBEDIA

First, Sign up for an OBEDIA account  by Clicking Sign Up and entering your information: 


Enter your information and then activate your OBEDIA account by email. If you do not receive your  activation email within 30 minutes, please call us at 615-933-6775. 

After activating your account, login to your OBEDIA account by clicking here.

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with the OBEDIA control panel:



From here, you may click on “Buy Minutes” to purchase minutes in our pay as you go plans:









You will be prompted to choose the amount of time you’d like to purchase with OBEDIA. After that, enter your credit card information:






















After completing your purchase, you will be provided with an activation code. You can then click “Activate points now” to activate your minutes, or activate at a later date.


To purchase an OBEDIA Subscription:

Start by clicking “Subscriptions” on the right hand side of your OBEDIA control panel when logged in:









In the following dialog box, choose the subscription length that you’d like to sign up for:



















Tick the radio button next to the subscription you’d like to take advantage of. Then, hit CONTINUE.

On the following page, enter your credit card information. Please note that your credit card information will be securely stored with your OBEDIA account to rebill your subscription. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. You will be sent an email 3 days prior to your rebilling, alerting you to the rebilling process.


















Your OBEDIA subscription is now ready to go.  Call us at 615-933-6775 and dial option 1 to get started.

Getting Started is a Simple Process

  1. Create and Activate Your Account
    • Click Sign Up
    • Activate with Email Validation
    • This Creates your Client Control Panel
  2. Select and Purchase Your Session Method
    • Minute Bundle or Subscription
    • In your Client Control Panel or over the phone with an OBEDIA representative
  3. Contact OBEDIA via Phone or Email to Schedule Your Session

Session Plan Details

  •  Subscription
    • You get all your minutes at the start of your plan
      • 3 Months – 60 Minutes
      • 6 months – 120 Minutes
      • 1 Year – 240 Minutes
    • You can purchase additional minutes at a rate $0.99 per minute as long as you have an active subscription
    • Unused minutes expire unless subscription is renewed
    • Automatically renews until canceled
      • You will be notified by email a week before plan ends
    • You can upgrade or cancel your plan at anytime in your Control Panel
    • Unused or canceled Minutes are not refundable
    • Exclusive content can be found by choosing  the Members section in the Navigation bar
      • You must be logged in
  • Pay as You Go
    • Purchased minutes expire after a year
  • Average Sessions Time is 15 minutes
    • You may use as much time as you have in your account

Client Control Panel

  • Sign in to Access
  • Your ID is the email you registered with
  • Purchase and Activate Minutes
  • Renew, Upgrade or Cancel Your Subscription
  • Review Your Sessions
  • Manage Your profile
    • Contact Info
    • Gear Profile
    • Monitor Minute Balance
  • Home Studio one

Subscriber Login

Username: (email address you registered with)