OBEDIA Free Pro Audio Training Trial Offer

Free Pro Audio Training Offer

Want to learn how to produce music? Don't have time for manuals and videos?

OBEDIA helps you learn learn with real audio professionals

With this offer, new OBEDIA customers get 30 minutes OBEDIA training free, plus a 40% discount off a monthly subscription, billed at $19.99/month!

We Support All Major DAWs, Plugins & Hardware, for PC & Mac.

OBEDIA supported products
OBEDIA supported products

Stop Searching. Start Creating!

Since 2004, OBEDIA has helped TENS of THOUSANDS of computer recording musicians. Beginner or a pro, we are here to help you stay focused, creative and productive.

Watch a Real OBEDIA Training Session on PreSonus Studio One:

What You Get With OBEDIA:

Live Tutorials & Support

OBEDIA Live Help

Recording Guides


Video Tutorials


What We Do

You have big plans and great gear, but eventually progress stalls. One call to OBEDIA and you are back on track. We are musicians and engineers who are experts with all major computer recording software.


OBEDIA comes from ‘Obedient Media’ and we believe technology should work for you. For individual musicians, OBEDIA is the equivalent of having a professional audio technician and personal tutor available at a moment's notice, day or night, ready and willing to solve any problem.

One-on-One Support

Benefit from Obedia Live One-on-One Tutorials from Industry Experts either by phone or by using remote desktop technology.

We see your screen, and work with you in real-time!

By choosing OBEDIA You'll get Pro Audio Tutorials & Support from Industry Experts who are also fellow musicians. Work one-on-one from home.

Watch Our "About OBEDIA" Video

What Are OBEDIA Customers Saying About Us?

Does this sound familiar? You've just hit a major glitch with your DAW.

The problem is that your dealer is closed, the manufacturer is asleep, and you're probably out of warranty anyway. Oh yes, and the studio is saying it's your gear, you fix it. Who do you call? I call OBEDIA. In fact, I call OBEDIA even if it's brand new and under manufacturer’s warranty, because they know a lot more about what I'm doing than anybody else does. With so many new systems on the market, it's great to know that there's a place I can get straight, honest and timely answers." -- Frank Filipetti Engineer and Producer, New York

Before dealing with OBEDIA I was a bit frantic,

but what a great investment! What a relief it was to have all my challenges solved! OBEDIA got me up and running fast.-Thanks!" - Larkin M. (Hollywood) 

In the recording industry, particularly with the onset of technology being

more readily available to everyone on a grand scale, it becomes more and more essential to have access to individuals who can assist in the attendant problems with this technology. That is precisely where a company such as OBEDIA comes in, they possess the experience, know how and sensitivity to be able to help us cope with the all too daunting new world of digital recording"

 -- Michael Beinhorn Producer: Sound Garden, Ozzy Osborne, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Korn.

Subscription Benefits

  • Live, one-on-one training for digital audio hardware & software.
  • Connect with us via remote desktop and phone and learn remotely.
  • 30 Session Minutes Included for your first month.
  • Purchase Additional Minutes Needed @ 50% off.
  • Exclusive Video and Written Educational Content.
  • Following months billed at $19.99/month, a 40% Discount over our standard monthly Subscription! 

**Special offer - Get 30 minutes of OBEDIA, Free.

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Questions? Call us: 615-933-6775, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm CDT.


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