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We Have Earned the Endorsement of Leading Manufactures and Helped Thousands of Clients Achieve Their Creative Goals

Since 2004, OBEDIA has been the resource for recording musicians and content creators. OBEDIA keeps you focused and productive and now offers custom-built digital audio production computers through its PCAudioLabs line.


Having worked closely with Grammy-winning producers, engineers, musicians, sound designers, post-production professionals, composers, and DJs, OBEDIA and PCAudioLabs have built a stellar reputation for delivering the power, stability, and support necessary to facilitate demanding productions.


Jayce Murphy - Founder

“We personally take a lot of pride in the breadth and quality of services we have provided in the last 10 years. It is not so much about building a successful, sustainable business, as much as seeing the impact we’ve had on thousands of content creators by changing their relationship with technology.

From indie musicians to Grammy winning-producers and corporate technology partners,its satisfying to consistently provide simple solutions to complex problems.”


Changing Your Relationship With Technology

OBEDIA was the first company to offer innovative live training, tutorial how-to, and comprehensive technical support services for music creation software products. Having set the standard for personalized One-On-One live training via remote desktop, OBEDIA has served tens of thousands of customers on a wide range of software and hardware technology issues.


Everything from simply getting up to speed on a new a DAW, to more complex signal processor, bus architecture routing, and peak-performance operating system optimization, to laser-focused audio and MIDI editing. All support and tutorial services are expertly delivered and defined by the customers’ level of familiarity and objectives. A truly personalized experience that only a One-On-One live-training service can deliver.

The OBEDIA Difference

The OBEDIA staff is comprised of musicians and engineers who have expert experience with all the major music recording software applications and operating systems. The OBEDIA team of experts really can tackle any problem big or small. Whether you are just getting started, or on a critical deadline, why waste valuable creative time flipping through a manual or scouring the Internet for an answer when resolution is an expert One-On-One session, or phone call away. OBEDIA provides comprehensive product tutorials, one-on-one training, and extended support services for leading music software companies from Ableton, Apple, AVID, Cakewalk, MOTU, PreSonus, Steinberg, Sony, RME/Synthax, Toontrack, and many others. That same level of support is available for any musician, at any level, without compromise.

The Resource for Content Creators

OBEDIA is the committed comprehensive resource for content creators. With hundreds of free tutorial videos with millions of views on the OBEDIA YouTube channel


The OBEDIA Tutor Blog covers all kinds of interesting music creation topics, to the newly revamped and launched PCAudioLabs.com provides, simply the best experience when purchasing any audio or video content creation system.

PCAudioLabs Re-Launched

PCAudioLabs has been the premier purveyor of professional audio computers for 14 years. Acquired by OBEDIA in February 2013, PCAudioLabs is now an integral part of OBEDIA

Extensive expanded and updated product offerings – laptop, desktop, rack mount, academic, and the exclusive PreSonus certified, PSc Rok and PSc Rack series music computers optimized for studio and live use with PreSonus Studio One recording software and support for all PreSonus Audio Interfaces, 16 new offerings in total. Any recording gear (software and hardware) can be sourced, configured, and guaranteed to work with system delivery.

Expanded configuration and custom quote system providing custom configuration from base recommendations of all systems.

Lifetime Support and OBEDIA training. Each system comes with no-hassle technical support for the life of the computer. Free OBEDIA training comes with each system and additional training is available at a 50% discount.

Taming Technology Since 2004


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