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How to group tracks in Studio One

Friday, 13 December 2019 by

How to group tracks in Studio One PreSonus Studio One Live one on one help: 615-933-6775 In this video, OBEDIA shows you how to group tracks in PreSonus Studio One. This is easy to do, and allows you to speed up your workflow by grouping tracks together to apply the same edits to many tracks,

How to manually change MIDI velocity in SO4 In this video, we will show you How to manually change MIDI Velocity in PreSonus Studio One. This is especially important if you’d like to add velocity changes in your song, which affects how strong or light a note is hit. To learn PreSonus Studio One live, one on one, with a professional

In this video, we show you how to quantize MIDI in PreSonus Studio One. This practice allows you to correct issues with your performance and timing. It’s built into all versions of Studio One, and is easy to use! To get one on one training in PreSonus Studio One, sign up with us now:,

New Members Only Studio One Tutorial

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 by

  Get the FULL tutorial and more by becoming and OBEDIA member today — just click here! This is a preview video of a members-exclusive video on You can view this full video, commercial-free and with our other member-exclusive training videos for digital audio production, at our website. This video discusses the product authorization

Template setup in Studio One In this video, we show you how to setup a template in PreSonus Studio One, to allow for quick and easy recall of session settings and setups. This will save you time and energy, allowing you to be creative on the fly! To learn PreSonus Studio One in real time, please call: 615-933-6767

Get it: Get the Test Tones: In this video we show you how to setup and configure your PreSonus Monitor Station V2 for utilizing multiple monitor setups in your studio. This is easy to set and calibrate and use. If you have questions about digital audio, call OBEDIA at 323.319.4051. PreSonus Monitor Station V2

One on one HELP: The new multi-tool in PreSonus Studio One 3 will help to streamline your workflow and let you work faster! Using it, you can select a secondary tool for your primary tool, and then, hold down control (PC) or CMD (Mac) to access the secondary tool on the fly. Great for

Get one on one training for Studio One 3: In this video, we talk about How to use Multi Instruments in Studio One 3. Using Multi-Instruments in Studio One 3 is very easy to do. It allows you to stack multiple instruments onto one MIDI track, and even play different instruments at the same time, or

Hardware Wednesday! This time, we’re talking about the PreSonus Studio 192 Digital Audio Interface. A high-resolution rackmount digital audio interface that lets you record at 192KHz using USB 3.0. This is a great digital audio interface from PreSonus for those that want lots of I/O and the ability to record at ultra-high sample rates! The PreSonus

Mac OS X Music Production Tips: Part 1

Monday, 19 October 2015 by

In this video, we explore three Apple OSX tips related to audio producers. The first is fine volume control using the Shift+Option commands while adjusting the volume controls. The second is an active audio device quick selection by holding option while clicking the speaker icon in the top right OSX menu bar.The third tip is


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