Chord Pads In Cubase PRO 8

The new Chord Pads feature in Cubase Pro 8 is a powerful composition tool that lets you easily create chord structures and patterns at the click of a mouse, or with a few notes on keyboard controller. To use this function, just go to the: Project – Chord Pad to enable the Chord Pad function. Once the Chord Pad window pane is showing, either click the pads with your mouse or play the assigned note on a MIDI controller. On the left, right and bottom edges of each pad, there are controls to customize; chord voicing/inversion, tension/chord extensions, or create a chord from scratch. The Chords Pads function also includes the chord assistant for Drag and Drop Chord progressions, a extensive selection of Presets, and other assorted features such as; Global Transpose, Snap to grid, as well as Locking and Un-Locking Chord Pads.

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