Clip Shifting and Nudging In Pro Tools

If you want to cut down on using the mouse and speed up your workflow in Pro Tools (both usually go hand-hand), it’s essential that you learn the keyboard shortcuts associated with the program’s Clip Shifting and Nudging capabilities. In this video, I will cover the ways to make clip “jump” from where it is to where the cursor is, both behind the cursor, as well as in front of it. Snapping the clip to a cursor while also making a duplicate of it at the same time is covered as well. Additionally, we will go over how to change the Session’s current Grid and Nudge value, how to nudge a clip to the left or right by both the Session’s current nudge value, as well as twice the current Nudge value. These shortcuts give you a powerful way to line up Clips with each other, so they are rhythmically in time.

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