Gobbler 2.0 Beta Now Available!

Our Friends at GOBBLER have announced their public Beta of v2.0 of Gobbler! From their newsletter:

  • With Gobbler 2.0, we created a new paradigm called workspaces with all the storage you need to house projects and all the goodness to make collaboration magical.

  • Each workspace allows you to communicate with any number of collaborators in real-time, just like you’re working together in the same studio.

  • As always, Gobbler also allows you to work off any number of external or internal drives. You don’t have to move your data to a central folder on your desktop to use Gobbler (one of our investors is a hard drive company… of course we’ll make externals work!).  Oh and you’ll like this, you can now work with absolutely any file type, audio or otherwise.

  • Hate managing data? Ya it sucks! We’ll take care that for you. Now you can open projects with a single click in a central interface… all at lightning-fast speeds. You won’t have time to even blink. And, of course, everything you do is fully secured using military-grade encryption.

  • Though we now support all file types, we’ve stayed true to our audio industry roots by building even deeper compatibility with leading audio software providers. We call this Gobbler Collect… So  when you upload an Ableton, Logic, GarageBand or Pro Tools file, Gobbler will automatically find, reference, and upload all associated assets and files for that project, even if they’re located across different folders and drives.

Excited? We are too! To get access to the new Gobbler, just go to www.gobbler.com and follow the signs!

You can log-in with your existing credentials to use the new 2.0 site (don’t worry, you can switch back to the old 1.0 site too!).  New 2.0 accounts will start fresh, and during the beta period will be completely free and you’ll have all the space that you need.

We are very excited to try out the new Gobbler Beta, especially because while Gobbler is in Beta, it is 100% FREE! That means, now is a great time to check it out!

Visit http://www.gobbler.com right now to find out more!

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