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How to get a louder mix in PreSonus Studio One

So you want to know How to get a louder mix in PreSonus Studio One?
The first best way to get a louder recording is to record a hotter signal when first recording.  Check your levels and come up until you’re close to peak, then dial back a little.
Then, record.
After recording, you may wish to normalize the recorded audio. You can do this in Studio One by right clicking a waveform region and selecting “Normalize audio”.  This increases the gain of the region incrementally based on the loudest audio peak.
After this, some plugins may help to create a punchier mix; Compression first, then EQ.  Adjust volume levels as you see fit.  Adjust the volume levels on your channel faders, not on your main output fader; keep that at 0dB.
This will usually lead to a solid first mix.
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