How to make a beat in Pro Tools with MIDI step recording

MIDI step record in Pro Tools

MIDI Step record is one of the most often overlooked capabilities of the also quite often overlooked MIDI production feature set available in Avid Pro Tools. It can be very useful for non-keyboard playing Producers, Engineers and/or Musicians whose main instrument is something other than keys. Furthermore, it can be very useful in assisting you, even if you are an actual piano player, to “play” parts that may be too fast or complex to be played in real-time or punched-in one measure at a time.

Increasingly, one of the realities of the music business is that it’s quite common for these types of individuals to get commissioned to write some music quickly either for some type of jingle, film score, or just to help the artist they are working with in getting parts written for particular piece of music. In this tutorial, the various controls and functions available thru the MIDI Step Record utility will be covered, as well as tips for using MIDI Step Record in an organized efficient manner.

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