How to Overdub MIDI Ableton Live 9

How to Overdub MIDI Ableton Live 9

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In this video, we’ll talk about how to use Session Record to overdub MIDI data over a clip in Ableton Live 9  – this option replaced the OVR button which was found in previous versions of Ableton. The + button is MIDI arrangement overdub. Ableton works in two different sections, session and arrange view. If the + is enabled, you will overdub over MIDI and MIDI automation in the Arrange panel – it does not affect the clips in session view. In session view, the Session record button is the most important part to overdubbing over clips. The reason for these two different buttons stems from Ableton’s further integration with the Push hardware, which allows you to more deeply create and edit your clips/sessions/arrangements.

This will help you to more quickly create with Ableton, and if you are new to Ableton Live 9 from having used MIDI overdub in Ableton Live 8, this will show you the new way of approaching this practice.

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