New OBEDIA training series with David Kalmusky Available to OBEDIA subscribers

New Video Series! OBEDIA In Session: David Kalmusky

OBEDIA In Session is a new video training series kicking off with a behind the scenes look at technique and workflow of Nashville-based Engineer, David Kalmusky. This new series is only available to OBEDIA subscribers and features over one hour of knowledge to help you record and engineer more effectively.

David Kalmusky’s work in the studio as producer / guitarist / engineer & mixer, with acts and artists including Journey, The Fray, Emerson Drive, John Oates, Justin Bieber, Small Town Pistols, and a list of nearly 100 other artists, has landed Kalmusky’s work in the #4 Billboard Rock Album, and the #1 Billboard Country Single position, as well as over a dozen top 10 hits across multiple genres, in multiple countries, with multi platinum sales.

Shot in a state of the art recording studio that David  co-designed with engineer Chris Huston (Led Zeppelin, The Who) and Jonathan Cain (The Baby’s, Bad English, Journey) named Addiction Sound Studios, where he currently houses his private production / mix room & notable collection of instruments and recording equipment.

This video series offers OBEDIA subscribers unique insight to the world of vocal mixing, guitar recording, drum tracking, and even some insider-tips you won’t find anywhere else! This series is ONLY available to OBEDIA subscribers who take advantage of OBEDIA’s affordable monthly subscription which offers one on one digital audio training and access to an exclusive library of training videos at OBEDIA.com.

To get access to the new series, simply join OBEDIA today by clicking JOIN NOW or give us a call at 323.319.4051.

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