PCAudioLabs Mission

PCAudioLabs has only one focus – to make it easier for people to express their creativity. We have been doing this for over a decade by building the most stable, high performance computers assembled and configured specifically for audio production that you can find. This has never been an easy task, as both the computer components and the software and hardware that interact with them are constantly changing – but we understand, and we have put in the time to make sure that every update and acceleration have been met by testing and retesting. Our attention to detail reflects the fact that we care about your work flow as if it were our own.

Because we sit in such a pivotal position, we have been able to take what we have learned from our users, our technology partners and the makers of the tools you use and funnel it back into the industry to try to solve potential issues before they occur.

This culmination of this mission is in the countless recordings and productions – from live broadcasts at the Grand Ole Opry to live performances by DJ Shortee, Stevie Wonder to Infected Mushroom, Alan Parsons to Hollywood Undead – we are at the heart of the process.

We hope you give us the opportunity to be a part of your music experience, to join thousands of other PCAudioLabs users in who know it’s not just about specs, it’s about people.


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