Setup External MIDI devices – Studio One


Setting up a new MIDI device in Studio One is pretty easy; let’s get started.

Open studio one, click studio one/options/ and go into your external device setup.  Click on “add”, then “new keyboard”.   Give it a name under the device name section, click the “all” button to enable all MIDI channels, then click the “receive from” pulldown menu to select the MIDI port that corresponds to the device you’re attmpting to setup.  You probably don’t need to setup the send to port – that’s only if you want to play the external keyboard device with Studio One as a sequencer.  Now click OK. Repeat this for any other MIDI devices you want to setup.

Now make a new Studio One session, and drag and drop a virtual instrument into the arrange section from your list of virtual instruments.  In the left hand column of the arrange window, Under the box which has the name of the virtual instrument, click the the box and choose the device you’d like to use to send MIDI into this channel.  Click the Record and Monitor buttons on this track, and play the MIDI instrument – if it makes sound thru the virtual instrument, you’re good to go.

If this doesn’t work you may need to check that all the drivers are installed for the MIDI device and/or your audio device, if you run MIDI input into it, rather than via USB from your MIDI device.

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