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Ableton Live 9 on the horizon

Ableton Live

Word has hit the internet that Ableton released, then removed, a video showcasing possible new Live devices in Ableton Live 9.  The video showcases some new revamps to the compressor, a new “Glue” Compressor, and some new GUI features.  The feature which many users have been asking for, the ability to separate the arrange and session views, has not yet surfaced.  We’re not sure if this video is yet the official word, as it was removed – but this does show some interesting movement for a possible new version of Ableton (perhaps at winter NAMM 2013?).

We do think that the new GUI features on the compressor seem quite cool – it would be awesome to be able to easily change the threshold on the compressor and see exactly how it affects the peaks in your audio, and the new EQ eight features seem quite cool (being able to grab and change multiple frequencies at once?  Cool!).

Ableton has more recently released a  beta version of Ableton 8 with 64-bit functionality, which many users had been clamoring for for quite sone time. While it’s not suggested that you take beta software on stage with you, this was definitely a move to show that there is some new features in the works for Ableton.  Rumor had also circulated on the net that Apple was going to buy Ableton – that, of course, doesn’t seem quite likely at this time.  Apple does, of course, have its own Audio workstation; however, it hasn’t been revamped in quite some time.  It would seem unlikely that Apple would purchase another software company, especially one which has quite a large following of Windows users.

So, what do you guys think about a new Ableton version?  What do you want to see in the popular DAW with a new release?  Tell us in the comments!

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