Control Bar Enhancements in Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

The new Membership model versions of Cakewalk Sonar all feature numerous improvements and enhancements to the Control Bar area typically found at the top of Sonar’s User Interface. These include greater legibility when it comes to the icons and text visible on Module Controls in the Control Bar. Individual Modules can now be extensively customized via touch screen control on Windows 8 machines, by clicking and dragging to rearrange individual sections right-click access to Toolbar menu selections such as: “Zoom In/Out” to arrange Modules into smaller or larger block sizes. Furthermore, color contrast has been tweaked for greater usability. Using a mouse wheel it is also possible to “scroll” all Control Bar Modules left or right, so you can navigate to all sets of controls even though only a portion show on your screen. Finally, the Control Bar can be collapsed to a very this size, or hidden entirely via the shortcuts: Control+C and C.

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