How to fix missing files in PreSonus Studio One

How to fix missing files in PreSonus Studio One
In this video, we explore the dreaded “missing files” window in Studio One. We walk through common scenarios where a user would encounter this window and how to find the best solution to maintain file organization, make sure your sessions are complete, and above all make sure that you are not actually missing or have lost any vital session files.

If you’ve ever opened a Studio One session and found that you’re missing audio files, you’ll know this is very frustrating. In this video we’ll show you how you can find find missing files in Studio One and get your session back on track.

Finding missing files in Studio One is easier than it may seem; often, your files may have simply been misplaced. However, you can resolve these issues with built-in tools in Studio One which help you find your missing files.

Missing files in studio one can also be due to improper file management or project management. It is important to ensure that you have a proper hard drive and computer setup which will allow you to know that your files are in the proper locations and being stored where you can easily find them when recalling your sessions.

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