Native Instruments announces Komplete 11 Production Suite

Native Instruments has announced the next iteration of their production suite of instruments and effects, Komplete 11. Komplete now comes in 3 flavors; Select, Komplete 11, and Komplete 11 Ultimate. All versions are delivered either on a hard drive or flash drive for ease of install  (No more DVDs!), and feature many new options to the well-known suite of effects, plugins,  sounds, and instruments from Native Instruments.

A quick overview of new options found in the software:

– A new version of Komplete, Komplete 11 Select, which offers a gateway to the Komplete family of products. Komplete 11 select features over 2,500 sounds and over 25GB of instruments and effects, as well as Massive and Monark, the well-known Native Instruments software synthesizers. Select users also get access to the Replika delay and Solid Bus Compressor plugins, as well as pianos, drums, effects, loops, and more.

– Komplete 11 features 45 products, over 13,000 sounds, and over 155GB of instruments and effects for PC and Mac. More than 13,000 sounds, and seven new instruments, including Form, Reaktor 6, Una Corda, Discovery Series: India, Replika, Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic, and Kinetic Metal.

– Komplete 11 Ultimate features all options found in Komplete 11, as well as over 18,000 sounds and 13 new instruments, including Symphony Essentials, Flesh, and Emotive Strings.

– A new synthesizer, FORM, meant to bridge the gap  between sampling and synthesis. This new synthesizer uses a sample as the primary oscillator, which, if you’ve spent time with digital synthesis, you know to be something which is certainly new territory!


– Symphony Essentials, five orchestral instruments giving users brass, woodwinds, and strings, and based on the Symphony Series of instruments from Native Instruments, with a signature interface and set of articulations.

Overall, there are many very interesting new features in Native Instruments Komplete 11, and we are looking forward to checking it out! As always, we will have video overviews, and you’ll be able to call OBEDIA to get one on one training with this, and all  other Native Instruments hardware and software.

Call OBEDIA today to get started: 323-319-4051 or click here to sign up: https://www.obedia.com/native-instruments 




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