How to use Multi Instruments in Studio One 3

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In this video, we talk about How to use Multi Instruments in Studio One 3.

Using Multi-Instruments in Studio One 3 is very easy to do. It allows you to stack multiple instruments onto one MIDI track, and even play different instruments at the same time, or separately, using your MIDI keyboard.

To do this, we’ll drag and drop a virtual instrument onto a MIDI track, then drag and drop another virtual instrument onto that same track. When Studio One asks if we’d like to combine or replace, we will choose to combine instruments.

We then get a window showing our two instantiated instruments, and we can use the inspector on the left hand side of this window to choose presets and make settings to these instruments. We can then play our MIDI keyboard, and we have a multi-instrument.

This can take your workflow to new heights if you like to experiment with sound.  If you want to know more about How to use Multi Instruments in Studio One 3, work one on one with OBEDIA today.

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