How to use the Chord Track in Studio One 

How to use the Chord Track in Studio One – a video tutorial by OBEDIA

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In this video, Brian covers the new Chord Track feature in PreSonus Studio One 4. This is an excellent tool for songwriters and producers, allowing you to easily change the chords/notes/key played in your song, by simply “painting” chord changes into the Chord Track.

This great feature can allow you to change the sound and feel of your song, without having to actually re-record or change anything! It’s completely non-destructive, so you can simply undo any changes that you make.

The Studio One 4 Chord Track is brand new, so you’ll want to get to know it to get the most out of it. To get to know Studio One in its entirety, give us a call to get started on your digital audio training: 615-933-6775, dial option 1.

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