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Special PreSonus Studio One Training Offer from OBEDIA and PreSonus

We’re proud to say that we’ve got a new promotion with our friends at PreSonus Audio Electronics for PreSonus Studio One training! 

In this special offer, new OBEDIA customers can get 75% off our base rates for one on one PreSonus Studio One training. We’re offering a trial subscription for OBEDIA’s one on one training and tech support for PreSonus Studio One for $9.99 for your first month. After that, you’ll pay $19.99/month for ongoing Studio One training and tech support. You can also change your OBEDIA subscription at any time to take advantage of our 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions, offering you deeper discounts.

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What you’ll get: 

  • 20 minutes of OBEDIA one-on-one phone training and tech support per month that you purchase up front. These session minutes are the time you’ll use to speak with a professional digital audio trainer one-on-one via the phone.
  • The option to top up your account at $.99/minute — 50% off the non-member rate of $1.99/minute. If you run out of time, but your subscription is still active, and you want to keep working with us before your subscription rolls over again, you can top up your account to add more time, with a members-only discount.
  • Personalized training and tech support in how to use PreSonus Studio One. Want to learn one specific function of Studio One, without reading manuals, or watching videos? Just call  OBEDIA and work directly with a Studio One professional trainer to learn your software.
  • All skill levels are welcome. We are professionals, and will take the time to customize your learning process to your needs.
  • OBEDIA fully supports PC, Mac, and all major products and platforms in the digital audio industry.
  • You’ll also gain access to member-exclusive training to use in your off-time, including member-exclusive training videos and guides.
  • OBEDIA members also get a discount on a new Rok Box pro audio PC from PCAudioLabs.
  • Unused time in your subscription period rolls over into your next period — as long as your subscription is active, any unused time is yours to use.
  • Please note that this offer is available to new OBEDIA customers only. If you are an existing OBEDIA customer, please call us for any current promotions available to you.

OBEDIA is a paid service. You purchase time with OBEDIA, and use that time for one on one training and tech support for Digital audio hardware and software. You can call us any time at 615-933-6775 and dial option #1 to talk to a human being. OBEDIA is completely US based, and is run by Musicians, Technicians, and Professional Digital Audio trainers.

How to get this promotion and sign up with OBEDIA: 

Click here to get your promotional code by entering your email address. 

OBEDIA will email you a promotional code. You’ll use this code to get your discount monthly subscription.

Next, sign up for an OBEDIA account by navigating to OBEDIA.com and clicking “Sign Up”.  You’ll find this button on the top of our website.

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Create your account by entering your information, and then click get started, as outlined below:

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You’ll then be presented with this dialog box. Here, click “SUBSCRIBE NOW”.

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In the following dialog box, tick the radio button next to “Redeem a Code”, and enter the promotional code which OBEDIA emailed to you, and click “Continue”.






















Now, you’ll be presented with the option to pay for your new OBEDIA subscription. This subscription will bill at $9.99 for your first month of OBEDIA. After that, you’ll be billed $19.99/month, unless cancelled or changed. To change or cancel your account, please call us at 615-933-6775 and dial option 1.

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Enter your name, credit card information, and email address. Our system processes your credit card securely, and the charge will show on your statement as OBEDIA LLC. We accept all major credit cards. At this time, we do not accept PayPal for subscription payments.

We cannot and will not bill your card for anything except for your subscription costs. If you’d like to buy more session minutes with OBEDIA, this is done manually via your control panel, or by calling us.

After you click Purchase, you will be setup with your new OBEDIA subscription.

How to get started with OBEDIA one on one training and tech support for PreSonus Studio One

To get started, simply call us at 615-933-6775, and dial option #1. This is the best way to get going with us. This allows us to get to know you, and your needs for learning your pro audio hardware and software.

If you want to view member-exclusive content, you may click here to navigate to the Members section of OBEDIA. You will need to log in to view member-exclusive content.

Please note; the primary function of OBEDIA is to offer support and training via phone and remote desktop in a one-on-one fashion. We find that this type of training is faster and more efficient than videos and reading manuals. While this content is useful for your study, we find that the best way to learn is working directly with a professional digital audio trainer.

Video content and guides are consistently being updated and upgraded on OBEDIA. This content is an add-on to your training and education with your music hardware and software. This is what makes OBEDIA different than any other service.

Questions about how OBEDIA works?

Just give us a call! Call us at 615-933-6775 and dial option #1. This sends you to one of our US-based technicians who can help answer your questions in real-time.

Give it a try. We think you’ll find that real, live, one-on-one training and tech support from a human being will yield the best results you’ve ever seen in how to learn your music hardware and software.




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