New OBEDIA Subscription Plans and Pricing

OBEDIA plans and pricing

We’ve announced new pricing for OBEDIA, and a few new changes.

OBEDIA is now a subscription-only service. If you’ve been buying time in pay-as-you-go models with us, you’ll notice that this is a new change.

You can still purchase blocks of session minutes with us in a pay-as-you-go model, but to do so, you’ll need to have an OBEDIA subscription. With that subscription, you can purchase additional session minutes at the members-only rate of $.99/minute.

If you have pay-as-you-go session minutes that you’ve purchased outside of an OBEDIA subscription, those session minutes will still be available to you fo the standard one-year term. After those minutes have been used or have expired, you will need to choose a subscription to keep working with OBEDIA.

Moving forward, all OBEDIA subscriptions will offer you 30 minutes of OBEDIA one-on-one training and tech support.

For current OBEDIA subscribers, nothing changes about your plan unless you choose to renew with one of our new subscription plans; this means, if you have one of our previous subscription plans, you’ll stay at your previous pricing, and be allotted 20 session minutes per month of subscription.

When you choose a new plan, you’ll now get 30 minutes of OBEDIA support time vs. the previous 20 minutes of time per month! If you choose to stay on your previous plan, nothing changes for you. To take advantage of this new benefit, you’ll need to choose a new OBEDIA subscription plan, which you can do via the OBEDIA user control panel, or by calling us.

As always, any unused session minutes will carry over into your next billing cycle, as long as your subscription is active with OBEDIA.

This new model is part of our ongoing commitment to providing our subscribers with the best one on one training and tech support for digital audio.

If you have any questions about your OBEDIA subscription. or if you’d like to switch to a new plan and get 30 minutes of OBEDIA session minutes per month, please give us a call: 615-933-6775, dial 1.

Click here to view our new plans and pricing

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