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We’ve announced new pricing for OBEDIA, and a few new changes. OBEDIA is now a subscription-only service. If you’ve been buying time in pay-as-you-go models with us, you’ll notice that this is a new change. You can still purchase blocks of session minutes with us in a pay-as-you-go model, but to do so, you’ll need


15 years ago, OBEDIA (a contraction of “Obedient Media”) came into being. It was intended to fill the support void that plagued musicians since the advent of computer-based recording. Sure, manufacturers could try to help…maybe. But all too often, the problems were due to operating system and hardware/software compatibility issues that individual companies simply couldn’t

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We’re proud to say that we’ve got a new promotion with our friends at PreSonus Audio Electronics for PreSonus Studio One training!  In this special offer, new OBEDIA customers can get 75% off our base rates for one on one PreSonus Studio One training. We’re offering a trial subscription for OBEDIA’s one on one training


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