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PreSonus Studio 192 USB 3.0 High Resolution Digital Audio Interface

by / Wednesday, 28 October 2015 / Published in Audio industry news, Hardware Wednesday

Hardware Wednesday! This time, we’re talking about the PreSonus Studio 192 Digital Audio Interface. A high-resolution rackmount digital audio interface that lets you record at 192KHz using USB 3.0. This is a great digital audio interface from PreSonus for those that want lots of I/O and the ability to record at ultra-high sample rates!

The PreSonus Studio 192 Digital Audio Interface is a great way to add a lot of inputs and outputs to your studio, and do it with super high-resolution audio quality.  The PreSonus Studio 192 Digital Audio Interface is a new audio interface from PreSonus and offers a lot of bang for a little buck!

To get the PreSonus Studio 192 Digital Audio Interface, check out

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