PRO TOOLS – How to Convert MIDI to Audio

[youtube id=”hLTidV2pUMo”]

These days it quite common to need to take your Session to another studio to continue tracking, overdubbing or mixing a production that has already begun. However it’s also quite common, with the literally hundreds of soft synths available today, for the studio you take your production to not have the synths you use. In this tutorial, we will go through the simple process of recording the outputs of a soft synth being hosted on an Instrument track. This is typically done using one, or a pair, of Pro Tools’s internal bus paths. Since most systems from Pro Tools 9 and up have at least 128 internal mono busses, or 64 stereo busses, finding pairs of busses to do this should not be a problem. There should be plenty of Busses left over that are not already in use so setting up these types of Track configurations should not interfere with the normal setup of most Sessions that utilize internal busses for effect send type plug-ins.

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