The Pro Tools Session Setup Window

The Session Setup Window in Pro Tools, found under the Setup Drop-Down Menu is a useful and under-used window that makes it quick and easy to see what your current Session’s parameters are set at. Additionally, you can change certain settings “on the fly” if that’s what is necessary for your workflow when working with different types of media, or Timecode / Feet+Frames Rate. There are three main sections to the window: Format, SYNC Setup & TImecode Rates and Timecode Settings.

FORMAT – Enables you to confirm all Session Properties as well as allowing you to change some of them, such as; Session Bit Depth, Audio Format, Pan Depth, Session Start and more.

SYNC SETUP & TIMECODE OFFSETS – Provide configuration settings when using Pro Tools with an Avid Sync. Also lets you compensate for devices that are consistently offset by a fixed number of frames.

TIMECODE SETTINGS – let you configure how Pro Tools will freewheel, or continue playback if timecode is interrupted or corrupted. Use these options as a buffer against errors that can occur if your SMPTE timecode source has “dropouts” or temporary lost signals.

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