Working with Tab to Transients in Pro Tools

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Pro Tools Editing Techniques: Using the Tab key
When it comes to editing in Pro Tools or any other DAW for that matter, the name of the game is speed and efficiency. One of the easiest ways to improve these two aspects of your workflow is to utilize a fundamental building block of Avid Pro Tools’s excellent editing capabilities: the Tab key. Whether used by itself, in conjunction with additional modifier keys, or with the Tab to transient button engaged. In fact, for many standard editing jobs you almost don’t need a mouse at all if you become skilled at using these features (in other words, memorize these shortcuts+modifiers as soon as you can!). They enable you to simply navigate backwards and forwards across entire clips or single waveform transients. In addition they allow you to select by Clip or transient. Extremely helpful when you are trying to work faster and want to avoid having to make a million mouse clicks just to edit down a track.

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