Fades in Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

Working with Fades
One of the main audio editing tools in Pro Tools are it’s Fade In / Fade Out / Cross Fade tools. Fades are of course necessary any time you need to split an Audio Clip’s waveform at a point that is is not at a Zero Volt Line Crossing (the horizontal line in a Clip), or want need to shorten the beginnings or endings of Clip for other musical reasons. After selecting from inside the Clip to it’s beginning or end, or across across the existing boundary between two separate clips, the Fades Dialog box is brought up by hitting Ctrl+F (Win) or Command+F (MacOS) . In the Fades dialog various view settings that are useful in determining the exact length, type of fade slope and In/Out curve you will want for a given edit among others , can be chosen and configured. The two types of Fade Slopes available in Pro Tools are Equal Power and Equal Gain. Use Equal Power when cross fading two completely different types of material to avoid a drop in volume. Use Equal Gain when cross fading same or similar types of material to avoid the clipping that can sometimes occur with an Equal Power cross fade.

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