New VST Bass plug-in in Cubase PRO 8

One of the many new plug-ins offerings available in the new Cubase PRO 8 is the VST Bass Amp Plug-in, a nice complement to that already included VST Amp Rack for guitarists. This new bass amp modeling plug-in includes:
1. Six amp models, ranging from vintage to modern models
2. Four classic speaker cabinets
3. Eight different microphones and mic positions to reproduce the
    unique character of their originals.
4. 20 classic stomp box effects available in Pre-Effects and Post-Effects
    signal chain configurations, with up to four processors in Pre-effects
    position and two in Post for up to six simultaneous guitar effects. On
    both pages, the same effects are available, the only difference being the
    position in the signal chain (before and after the amplifier).
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