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Often, we get asked how to delete a plugin from the Pro Tools plugins directory on a Windows computer.  To do that, first, browse to: c:/Program Files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Plug-ins Here you will find most all of your plugins.  You can now delete troublesome ones, or add ones that need to be manually added. If you are

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Windows 8 packaging

Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, is now here.  What does this mean for those of us who create music with our computers?  The good news is, it seems at this time that a lot of the software we know and love is ready to work with Windows 8. I”ve run the

I have a lot of clients who call me and say, “I should have bought a mac, I’d be able to make better music if I did”. I do my best to tell these folks; it’s ok; you don’t have to buy a mac to make great music. Conversely, I have a lot of folks


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