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numark orbit DJ wireless DJ controller

Winter NAMM 2013 was one of the best NAMM shows we’ve seen so far, and we’re happy to announce that we were able to be there!  We’re going to outline some of the awesome things we got to see at this year’s show — starting, NOW! The Numark Orbit wireless DJ controller  This was one

Happy New Year From OBEDIA!

Tuesday, 01 January 2013 by

Happy New Year! We’d like to take this moment to thank you all for your support of OBEDIA in 2012.  It was a year of lots of innovations in the world of Digital Audio, and a great year for us to help you out with all those new toys! We’re very thankful to you for

Native Instruments Driver Plugin free

Free Native Instruments DRIVER Distortion Plugin Our friends at Native Instruments are offering up a free distortion plugin, dubbed “DRIVER”.  It’s  free download, and we’re giving it a try right now.   It’s available in both Mac and PC plugin formats, and it’s free, so why not get it now? What do you get with

Often, we get asked how to delete a plugin from the Pro Tools plugins directory on a Windows computer.  To do that, first, browse to: c:/Program Files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Plug-ins Here you will find most all of your plugins.  You can now delete troublesome ones, or add ones that need to be manually added. If you are

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stagelight box

We came across this music making software today, and thought it was worth a mention here on our blog.  Stagelight is a piece of software offered by Open labs, who is well known for their Miko keyboard workstation.  Stagelight has a focus on touch-screen based music composition, and Open labs calls it “The easy way

PreSonus releases Studio One v2.5

Thursday, 06 December 2012 by
Presonus releases Studio One v2.5

Presonus releases Studio One v2.5 Presonus have released an update to Studio One, bringing it to version 2.5. The new Studio One v2.5 update introduces a number of new features. Comping Improvements  Single-swipe comping with automatic beaming into parts makes comping much faster and more powerful. Folder track editing Edit directly on the Folder Track, with

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Let’s all Take Five in remembrance of Dave Brubeck: Dave Brubeck was an amazing Jazz Pianist, and an innovator in the world of Jazz. He played with many of the greats in Jazz, and you’ll know many of his songs pretty easily when you first hear them, the first being “Take Five”, which is

Cakewalk Sonar Training and Support

An overview of the new plugins in Cakewalk Sonar X2! Cakewalk Sonar X2 offers a slew of new plugins to get you making music in the latest iteration of this great DAW.  Find out more about the new plugins in Cakewalk Sonar X2 with our exclusive video!

Cubase 7

Steinberg has announced new versions of Cubase and Nuendo, bringing their versions to 7 and 6, respectively. This is pretty exciting news, so let’s talk about what’s new! Some of these new features are the same between both DAWs, and some are specific to one.  We’ll mention which ones are crossover, and which are independent

Gobbler logo

Gobbler, the popular online cloud backup service for audio files, has announced a partnership with Avid, makers of Pro Tools.  The service gives you five gigabytes of upload space for free, and offers paid plans which allow you to buy more digital storage space for your Audio files and projects. Gobbler’s system searches your hard


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